Amber Rose Says She Prays She Gets Back Together With Wiz Khalifa

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  • Revered

    A bad bitch outta money maybe..

  • Allen Smith
  • Devin

    I hate bitches……why do they gotta fuck it up to realize that’s what they want

  • KarmaSapien

    This is funny stuff. Per usual, people always treat females like their shit don’t stink no matter what they do. There’s a reason that you still can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

  • Joseph Hebert

    I can’t stand amber rose bald head ass lolol

  • he who shall not be named

    I just met the baddest bitch of my life. #we winnin

  • wefoihwsflb

    Personally she is dumb for wanting to take a cheater back. She just wants money and fame

  • Bones

    amber rose is ugly

  • 100squad

    Shit people in hell praying for something too..

    • ٦٦٣٣