Amber Rose Says Kanye West Has Been Bullying Her For Years

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  • Astronaut

    Looks like she not going the book route SeaOtter. YET.

  • 100squad

    Dick been bullying her for years..

  • Matt Leon

    “fame don’t get you no fucking money” Tell that to Danielle Bregoli, Malu Trevejo (I think that’s her name), and Kim Kardashian lol.

    • Manny Bravo

      I know right. I was like, “What the hell is she talking about?!”

      • Matt Leon

        Lol yeah. Major respect to Amber for actually doing something with her fame, no matter how crazy some of the shit is that she’s doing, but there’s a bunch of famous people these days that are just famous and making money off of that alone lol.

  • frankwhitedc

    Bruh I’m dead . Fame don’t get you money ? , ima work my ass off ? Bitch ….i don’t even need 2 go in y’all already know . I can’t believe this bitch real live tried 2 play with our intelligence tho

    • Mikejones

      i mean…in a sense it doesnt get you money it can easily correlate to you making money but there are plenty of famous broke mfs out here

    • thorn416

      “ima work my ass off” killed me lmao foh

      • frankwhitedc

        Smh this bitch ain’t worked hard since she stripped , and that ain’t no hard working job . That s a hoe working job

  • Lord_Farquad


    Not sayin’ it wasn’t provoked, but she did say that. Still, I think he definitely rode her more than she rode him.

  • Omar Alessandro Henriquez

    Fame doesn’t get your money!!!!?? what about every single Youtuber!!! making millions just because of fame cuz most of them aint really doing much