Amber Rose Gets Her Twerk On [VIDEO]

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  • maikel

    ”When he’s over 6’2, has a big Dick and a lot of money” LOL so you call this feminism, okay.

  • Mec-One

    Smut bucket

  • Manny Bravo

    I didn’t see what the big deal was about Amber Rose until I saw her at a Wiz concert. She’s one of those women who look better in person than on the internet. IRL, she’s bad AF.

  • Dundada

    Girl power!!

  • YoungPrime

    Slut or not Kanye is clearly missing this broad. That screaming he did at a concert overseas the same day she had Wiz’s baby was no coincidence. Plus if that reality show is any indication, Kim K is stupid and irritating as hell and dealing with her gets old real quick. Either way there’s a billion fat asses out there so choose’em wisely….

  • she def not who id want my daughter looking up to

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    this is sexist she is height and finance shaming us average salaried under 6ft niggas lefts organize a march to protest this injustice

  • ThatsJustYouByYourself

    I’m 5’7″ and make $11an hour (not gonna talk about the other shit since its predominantly niggas here) so why be discriminated. I’d only be offended if I was attracted to hoes. My main point is that bitches like her influence good women to be dumb butches. Disgraceful

  • Rich blackman

    Her pussy is always open to the highest bidder until her looks goes away. Then she will do anything to be with a successful man that will have. Amber is a sex kitten and that’s it. That’s cool. Sex is just a tool for her to get what she wants. That bitch is not into love it’s just love for the money. But in the end she will be used up and no one will want her more then meaningless sex.

  • Astronaut

    Now i see its her makeup that makes her attractive besides her body. Ive been decieved

  • Sean Peterson

    Bunch of niggas that dont like pussy in the comments section.. in 5-4-3-2-1…

  • Je’sus

    I’m 5″10 I’ll dunk on any 6-2 nigga you better closeline me in the air