Amber Rose Fires Back At Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

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  • MyNameIsNoBody

    I must say Kanye was bitchy on that one.
    Why did he say those stuff ?
    And Kim Kardashian aint no better than Amber rose LOL.

  • YUNGshoota187

    all these bitchs is smuts n they talkin like they aint both fuckd like atleast half the niggas in the rap game. fuck outta here u both some thots. n amber rose ned to grow some fuckin hair lookin like a damn alean.

    • Sly

      XD You always have the best responses

      • MyNameIsNoBody

        Best answers?LOL this guys is telling some bullshit.I have seen him in many topics anyone can be nasty on the internet.

    • FinestNigguh

      She ain’t need to do shit home boy, these people living their lives, get your popcorn, sit your ass down, and enjoy the fucking show. Sitting in front the PC acting like if you weren’t a fucking millionaire you wouldn’t be fucking ‘thots’ like Amber.

    • guest

      The only nigga that spells everything wrong

    • Vulqn

      You must be really upset they haven’t fucked you yet. Oh wait, you aren’t in the rap game. You are a shit nobody artist. When you eventually kill yourself no one will even care.

    • Anthony

      Yo grammar all fucked up Cousin and you didn’t spell alien correctly nigga if you gone speak with an urban tounge at least spell the shit right

  • IMOfuckurthoughts

    when are her minutes up…

  • John Best

    Notice wiz the only one not running his mouth off. One thing is true tho, this woman talks a lot of shit but she does own up to stuff. I think that’s why it always seems like theres a fight to be picked.

    keep it real is the message i guess


    all this started over amber calling out tyga and kylie but then kanye damn near said tyga been fuckin on breakfast club smfh….

  • OhRyanT

    This bitch is begging for attention. No one wants her, shit even Wiz left her.

  • OhRyanT

    “But when u bully other ppl and ur not perfect its so fucked” Lol stupid bitch is the one who started talking shit about Kim in the first place.

  • chrism

    Why are hoes always the ones who think they have an opinion?

  • Lionel Mazura

    head lookin llike a damn dirty tennis ball

  • east los boy

    Amber the new superhead

  • Shianna Little

    Well I watched the interview and Honestly He was asked about Amber/Kim Fued , it’s not like he initiated her as topic of conversation, I really feel as if he’s just NOT concerned about this internet Bullshit & he only said something in Defense of his wife but that’s his wife ! They all look dumb if you ask me tho

  • Kyle Gabriel Harry

    When are people gonna realize these so called celebrities are just normal people shitty?

  • dswagchamp

    This ray j thing is going to far cause at the end of the day they were a couple and that’s what couples do

  • D Powell

    If Kanye had to take 30 showers after Amber then his next chick will have to wear a hazmat suit to even touch him after being with that dirty, slimy, filthy, trashy, classless kimmy who has been with every man in show business and that’s no joke. He opened her up for that kind of scrutiny when he said Amber is dirty. Pls, Amber looks like a nun compared to kim kartrashian.