Allen Iverson Thanks Favorite Rappers In HOF Speech: Yao Ming Cracked Practice Joke

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  • bigwangslanger

    Respek 2 all tree ah dem, bike wen basketball wuz wurf watch-ing.
    *Birdman Voice*

  • 3 legends I grew up watching man……Shit touching frfr

  • kautious18

    Anyone heard that new nas track -nas album done- off the khaled album–

  • thatsjas2 .

    A.I. & Shaq embraced hip hop more than any other NBA player during there era with A.I. becoming an hip-hop icon….once he had jadakiss do his reebok commercial it was stamped!

    • Brandon Braxton

      That jawn was one a the few truely classic commercials

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    one of the realest basketball player ever always kept it real and started from the buttom

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