A$AP Rocky Has Been Linked To Kendall Jenner

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  • MartyMcFly


    • Shay P.

      I do.. Asap is my husband

      • HotlineQueef

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        • Shay P.


      • bigwangslanger

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      • n0kturnal

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      • Wavy

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  • Mars

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  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    This ain’t news. News is if a rapper HASN’T banged kendall jenner. If you have a song on youtube with more than a million views, she’ll let you in. Period. You know she has zika for sure.

    • Serendog

      No shit these Kardasian girl have been passed around more then superhead

      • Astronaut

        Damn more than superhead? (pause in amazement) would u still hit tho? Kaitlyn said he/she gotta watch as a condition. Note: i jus gagged in disgust.

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      I’m sitting here drinking a cup of water cuz its 100 fucking degrees, but I swear I just spit that shit out in laughter when I read that zika line…

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  • Wavy

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  • SlimJuve25

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  • Astronaut

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    Hey, A$AP Rocky said he hung out with Kylie last year to convince her to get with Tyga as Tyga reached out to him as the two were close that year and asked for advice which Rocky on record said if you love her then go get here. You’d e smart to remember they had a film together called Dope! Lol. They never had a fling. And good looking on that Caitlyn remark. I love how y’all will intentional slick diss rappers you make no effort to cover up you don’t like a fabricate their situations to make cash of the same people y’all hate. This site is not what it used to be

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