Chance The Rapper Films Exchange With Police During Traffic Stop

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    Wish I could use the stale face emoji

    • Supreme Trunks

      Nah bruh I did the same thing. A cop pulled me over in a white are and I know damn well I didn’t do nothing except come from the store. Turns out i was late paying for my registration but I know damn well this nigga just ran my plates trying to find something to get on me. That deserves the stale face

      • Killa Cam Newton

        Gave you a upvote fam. But the stale face was for chance came out of nowhere ass

  • Je’sus

    Bruh came from church in that hat?

    • Supreme Trunks

      He did say the 3 represents the holy trinity. Plus i got a theory that up north niggas wear baseball caps to church.

      • TKingLives

        From up North, can confirm hahaha.

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        3 does represent the holy trinity.. (Christ conscious)

      • Je’sus

        Wow. The lord did say come as you are.
        Hoop shorts and a v next time i go

      • just another white nigga

        i wouldnt know

  • 100squad

    What we think about that is, yall late like a future baby mommas period.
    Took that long posting this what ya’ll using sprint?

  • Cuban Pete

    i would too


    must have broke the cop off a piece of that kit kat bar

  • just another white nigga

    i dont think he understands the meaning of faith. if you had faith in them, you wouldnt feel the need to record. you wouldnt feel the need to ask for someone to have your back. faith means believing, no matter what. true faith doesnt leave room for a plan b.