Safaree Says Cardi B’s Success Has Nicki Minaj Scared; Talks Meek Mill’s Crew Jumping Him

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  • T guest

    Damn this mf still talking about Nicki n Meek??? Even Nicki n Meek is not talking about Nicki n Meek

  • duh

    That new endorsement track nicki got is fya though n cardi b a 1hit wonder

  • djayjb09

    They hype cardi b like the hyped iggy. Nicki was under the radar for a min before she made it

  • JohnWiick

    This clown looks for any reason to talk about Nicki. All you have to do is listen to Cardi B’s lyrics and you can see she won’t be around long.

  • Tee Mack

    He wanted to settle the score..sucka ass nigga shut that noise up. Now that’s “FAKE NEWS”