Floyd Mayweather Talks T.I. Beef & Donald Trump’s Seduction Techniques

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  • Heironymous Seinfeld

    That’s how 15 year olds talk

  • BossYaLifeUp

    Was hoping the girl in the pink would spread her legs a little more

  • Conner

    Finally someone who is not just judging trump due to media outlets trying to make him look like a terrible person. Alot of grown ass men talk like that when your with your boys you dont talk about the ass you got or what not i mean come on man.

  • Matt Leon

    Mayweather, you soundin a bit suspicious there bruh. I ain’t never said some shit like “bitch had that fat looking pussy, I had to grab on that shit and see if it would have been worth trying out” There’s a difference between acknowledging it and saying you went up and grabbed it like it was yours lol.