Funkmaster Flex Disses DJ Clue And Gets A Response

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  • d1gord

    Clue had the joints back in the day. I loved the stuff he did with fab. That being said, they are both 90 years old. So I could care less about this beef.

    • T guest

      If you remember the joints from back in the day you might as well say your 90 yrs old too

      • d1gord

        Which is another reason they should have moved pass their beef too. Nice burn by the way fucker

  • kautious18

    Clue was the mixtape king—then beans punched him in the mouth on the backstage tour—clue never recovered from that lol

    • 100squad

      And Karma a bitch with no panties, cause beans got snuffed in his jaw by meek crew & was laid the fuck out… Wouldve got his pockets ran through 2, but wasn’t nothing n there, but a tic TAC,dated iPhone & some crumpled up receipts..

      • kautious18

        Shoot karma caught beans all kinda ways —the meek incident—sigrl really did do some sucka stuff–thar karma was from that move—he was just bullying clue on tour lol—he wasn’t even in broad st lol

        • 100squad

          Yep got broad st bullied…

  • I’ll take clue over flex any day

  • imaginationsequation

    Wasn’t big on funk flex mixtapes, but I’m still looking for this redman Socrates and ickarus freestyle that was dope. I found the Alicia Keys freestyle over the we gon make it beat. Boxing 97 was the first mixtape/CD I bought W my own money. Clue and absoulut had the best unreleased music back then

    • Astronaut


  • Killa Cam Newton

    He is saying bust out some turntables and Clue will be Clueless he has Dj in his professional name but really is a Producer

    • Mec-One

      Clue was strictly a DJ for at least four years before he turned to production …….. Flex just scared

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Two grandpa ass nigga beefing smh

    • locodon

      Like Gillie Da Kid said, this is not a diss, its a compliment.

  • Akhenaton

    is that his real voice?

  • Kenny Woods

    fuck funk flex the only time heard of flex is dipset frestyling at the station this nigga flex ain’t got no could tapes out or does no production for artist you can’t fuck wit clue just like you can’t fuck wit pac flex a real bitter old ass hater smh

  • Daniel King

    Flex is just a hater always liked clue when he dropped mixtapes I’m from uk and I brought the professional album I thought it was a classic album flex all he does runs his walk mouth said shit about Jay Z and Drake man is a cry baby somebody should throw his wack ass a wet wipe

  • Melo

    Desert storm. Nuff said.

  • locodon

    Flex is the worse Dj ever. His hustle now is starting beef to stay relevant. He has perfected the art of yelling on the mic and bomb dropping. FOH Flex