Fredo Santana Had Something To Say About Russ’s Anti-Drug Message

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  • Melo

    Go see the psychiatrist, not the plug. Even though they are the plug (sometimes.) Shit is crazy.

    • Woahnow

      For what… that’s putting more money in white ppl pockets

      • LoveBoat2smooth

        You’ve never seen a black therapist before you fucking idoit?

        • Woahnow


    • thorn416

      It’s not that simple unfortunately. Especially for people without the financial means to pay a psychologist’s fee 3 times a week.

      Assholes like Russ like to look down on those people without asking “Why?”

      • 100squad

        Fortunately for Fredo , he does have that type of $ so your theory would not apply to him.. I think he would just rather be a drug addict & is quite comfortable having other people around him addicted to drugs & glorifying drug use.

      • ABC

        Niggas in the hood have more plug with psychiatrist than most people. That shit is covered 100% by their local Medicaid. Even the medication SMDH

      • BigHomie

        Aint no damn why for most rappers. Fredo saying some real shit but at the same time its a difference from rapping about useing drugs because of stress and using them to turn up or pass the time….now im not saying they have to clarify this in every song you rap about drugs on. Itll be more than ideal, but they do clarity in damn near every song that they use them to get lit….

      • Melo

        I know what you mean, but there are systems set in place, for the less fortunate.

      • Ben Blazon

        Bro wtf?!? Btw, Ur comment is the first one I seen to disagree with… but my nig, cmon now,, ur fucking “plug” ends up being more expensive in the long run than a certified psychologist is. Get ur head out ur ass with that comment.
        Mufuckas that don’t have that “financial means” to pay the ” plug” every other day shouldn’t be paying for shit to begin with. And that’s where “growing up” comes into play….. no offense bro. It’s just that Russ has a point with this message.

        • thorn416

          smh. if it was as simple as you all make in sound in this internet comment section we wouldnt be having this conversation would we?

          It’s really easy to shit on those people who’ve fallen into a drug spiral but if you’re at all interested in UNDERSTANDING their plight, you have to see things from their view, no matter how distorted by addiction and circumstance. Smh nuance is completely lost on this crowd my bad

          • Ben Blazon

            If you go back and read the most recent of my comments, you will have a hint that at one point, I went down that spiral. I can go on and on about how much I spent and what it was going towards… Not once did I consider seeing a therapist or any “help program..”. to me, it was mind over matter (clìché I know) but I made that decision within myself to change… that’s the real challenge.

      • perfect

        Im a recovering addict and I agree 100% with Russ. Period. No need to even elaborate.

    • burk

      You mean go pay a rich motherfucker X amount of dollars to prescribe you same shit you can get on the street?!!!!

      • kushxchevys

        My boy if u got health insurance chances are u aint paying street price plus u get ur canister filled. Plus u kno its legit shit. If ubgona be a drug addict be a drug addict with some class lol same thing i tell my homies of yall dum motherfuckers gona be smoking shit atleast do it right eat b4 sleep, and keep a clean pipebyall niggas look shot out if ya dont

  • djayjb09

    I don’t think the dead homies would want you with them right now.

    • 100squad

      That went over so many heads, that it shouldve been in 1st class seating..

      • kushxchevys

        Hes da Under dog in this comment section with that one lol

        • 100squad

          Fr fr, …We heard what DMX said.. Its hot & hell is dark

  • smith jones

    Lol cornball.. I got dead homies. I got strung out homies… fuck up with that excuse

    • kushxchevys

      Prolly realist thing u said lol

  • kushxchevys

    Smoke weed for that pour out some brew for em. Shit i been thru it. I been an addict 7 years clean its all mind control dnt be a weak minded sucka say no

    • Ben Blazon

      Exactly brotha. Shit drove me crazy and outta my mind at one point.(Except Xans: fuck them hoes, point blank, period) shit sucks cuz I can’t even burn anymore w/o getting all paranoid n shit…but fuck it. Dudes gona learn one way or another.

  • jurassicjrod

    it’s sad to say these youngns controlled by the system


    Fredo’s explanation is all fine and dandy but why not say that in your music? Niggas rap about drugs in a glorified manner, so kids think it’s cool. If they told their audience it was a coping mechanism then maybe niggas wouldn’t be doing it recreationally.

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    If you need drugs to escape shit you’ve seen growing up you’re a sorry sad sack of shit pathetic person and shouldn’t be alive anyways you’re just wasting resources and taking up space kill yourselves and move on please

    • Ben Blazon

      Damn my G. I get what ur saying, that’s just not the way to say it. Some people may not know any other way to deal with trauma, and that’s why they resort to drugs or violence. But to tell someone to “off” they’re self cuz of they’re coping mechanism,,, is wrong bro.
      I’ma let this one slide tho. Peace.

      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        I’m tired off people using drugs as a coping mechanism its a fucken cop out. And it’s pathetic we all have witnessed trauma growing up in the hood but you use that shit to makeyourself stronger not use it as an excuse to do drugs and try to escape life’s problems. “Poor me I’ve experienced terrible things in life please load up the pipe so I can escape reality. “

  • russ have any black fans? but he a rapper?

  • Young

    i don’t know who russ is, but he spot on. fucking med heads should kill themsleves. if redo was thinking that would be the way to see their homies again.

  • Twiz

    Psa to the folks who do drugs: they only make watever you goin thru worse. Temporary relief doesnt negate the pain. In fact it makes you notice it more when your not high

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      That’s how Lucifer works

  • Cuban Pete

    Some people use drugs (illegal or prescribed), some alcohol, some religion, etc etc. Whatever gets you through.
    They are both wrong. Some people are just able to manage without the emotional crutch those things provide but its not a case of winner/loser.

  • Craig

    Fredo…. that’s what all addicts say… nigga you just like to get high.

  • I got high because i liked it I can deal with whatever life throws at me sober when you don’t have a dad to teach you how to deal with life you turn to other things

  • Skeazaleo The Don

    Who cares what another person wants to do in his/her spare time? If a person wants to get high, let them get high. Denzel said it best, “You an adult man, nobody told you to smoke that. You made a decision, live with your decision.”

  • locodon

    I personally don’t care if a rapper wants to get high. OD if they want, why would i care they ain’t helping me. but its the glorification of doing the drugs that bother me. Especially when you know a large part of the people that listen and buy your music are kids and teenagers. Just do your drugs and shut the fuck up about it.

  • hes a triple OG and respected in the field , and in 2006 is when he first started popping pills

  • Throw dem Paws den

    Fuck dat emo shit…cope how u wanna cope, but u ain’t gotta pass ya loser emo druggie ways onto the youth..ppl savage af wit they influence. It’s funny how the white rappers are at the helm of the current contemporary issues while these clowns defensive.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    That’s just an excuse to be a junkie. Drugs don’t take away your mental pain, that shit will still be there.