Kanye West Plans To Respond To JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Disses

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  • Da Truth

    Long overdue

  • Jesse Mccree

    It always kinda seemed like Jay never actually liked Kanye. Like he kept him around because he knew he could make a ton of money off of him, but wanted nothing to do with him other than business. Seems like the kind of guy who can’t stand loud attention seekers like Ye

    I still fvck w Ye over jay any day tho

    • SlimJuve25

      It’s always business with jayz, don’t know why yeezy couldn’t understand that, if yeezy was more professional with his shit jayz wouldn’t mind being associated with him an they could be friend, always answering to something the other person does can become a problem so what bothersome an jayz is smart enough to cut that drama out his life before it starts

      • Throw dem Paws den

        Preach to this millennial lol. Rns

    • Throw dem Paws den

      I wouldn’t like Ye overzealous attention seeking ass either. He already rich..y he gotta be a attention whore? Why he gotta bag Kim k when she a industry thot? What did he do that was good for anyone but himself? Who did he put on? The old Ye had ghostwriters BTW. Fuck that crazy ass nigga. He got all the money and just be discovering ways to do dumb shit..momma’s boy cuh.

    • You mad huh?

      When Jay didnt goto kanyes wedding i knew something was up. and anytime you saw pics of jay and beyonce with kanye and kim they never looked genuine.

  • Melo

    This nigga is probably an educated dummie. You don’t always have to relay messages verbally. He’s probably one of those oblivious types. You either move militant or you don’t.

  • Ya Mom’s New Roommate

    You all are retarded, Dame Dash has said multiple times years ago that Jay-Z never liked Kanye. It was Dash who signed Kanye to Rocafella.

  • just another white nigga

    hov never liked ye. i could tell that for a long time. he just saw dollar signs, and a way to connect w a younger generation of listeners. plus the beats.

    remember when beyonce said somethin like ‘she didnt want her kids to play with the offspring of crazy kanye or his low class whore wife’. (somethin like that)