Kanye West Accused Of Tricking Fans To Use Tidal; Responds To Lawsuit

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  • jurassicjrod

    the people

  • Astronaut

    If you sue over an album you have to be a snake. You have 30 days to cancel.

    • yolkipalki69

      eh he still lured people for that membership…. but you are 100% right

  • jurassicjrod

    the people here should be sued for thinking they are smart enough to have a case
    all they are doing is wasting Mr. West’s time, and affecting his energy. let art be art, and just learn to cop ur shit on the DL if you must

  • NYCityKid

    lol ain’t the shit just a refund to be had if anything? Niggas is corny. Niggas actin like they had pain and suffering.