50 Cent Says JAY-Z Can’t Be The Best Rapper [VIDEO]

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  • RaDizzle

    Wut da fuk? I dont think fif out of bars dats y he’s out da game n on da tv scene

    • I think fif still got bars but is the passion there nah jay cd was good but it’s over hyped lol sounds a lot like Nas hip hop is dead album but I digress

  • I said the same thing but I was a hater also we in a time when money means your number 1 not bars.

    • RaDizzle

      I aint a hater n it aint bout a dolla count i jus dont think fif is off his muzik grind n in a different lane it all his sho’s he’s puttin out

      • I’d love to see jay z have some bars with somebody but nobody on that type time anymore

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Soo jays only hot cuz he got money?

      • kushxchevys

        He coo thats it.

      • Nah ain’t saying that at all but his money platforms him and I understand he’s platinum but not every album went plat on release as I said he’s too 5 at number 4

      • Junior Boss

        thats exactly how it sounds right

    • realtalk

      You might wanna do some research youngin lol jay z has more platinum albums and classics than any artist. Even without that , his lyrics has always been on point , clever and even made the population stop doing certain things and step up. His money is just his report card for all that I just stated

      • Blahblah ooo

        True. But he has the most bad albums.
        Blueprint 2
        Blu 3
        Holy grail
        shit with r Kelly
        ….. with linkin park
        Kingdom Come.
        You can’t can’t the best with all this trash in your discography…. despite having classic platinum albums.

        • realtalk

          You need to go back n listen to both blueprint 2 and 3 for saying they were bad lol SMDH. And I’ve heard artist in this generation with more bad albums n music than anyone else, most have a bad album as every album that they put out lmao

          • Blahblah ooo

            i agree, but I’m saying Jay can’t be the best when Nas is alive.

          • Mec-One

            Knew this coming lol
            here we go …….

          • realtalk

            He’s a legend and even tho nas either diss was better than the takeover , he’s still not better than jay-z.

          • Matt Leon

            Nas and Eminem, they both can out rap Jay

        • Kyle Gabriel Harry

          Blueprint 2 trash?

        • Je’sus

          Aye star is born was the only fire track

        • just another white nigga

          exactly my point about ppl havin different tastes. i think 3 is one of his best albums.

      • Astronaut

        Damn near proved his point. Jay X had the money to buy his past 2.5 albums. Not even being a hater.

        • realtalk

          Show me the proof and who does that lmao I could see if one of these new generation artists do that cause they’re trash but not a legend

          • Astronaut

            The Deal with Sprint to buy most the 4:44 albums is an example.

          • Mec-One

            That’s not Jay buying his own album. That’s a corporation buying a million downloads and giving it to their customers. Don’t hate the player who knows how to play the game well.

          • Astronaut

            Dont get me wrong. Im all for it. But you can’t tell me its NOT a “loophole”

      • Conner

        How many of those albums did jay buy just to. Remain number one though ?? No respect

        • realtalk

          Where is your proof that he bought them? Direct me to it

          • Conner

            Whwre is the proof thay says he never did

          • realtalk

            Him having over 12 platinum albums , his skills lyrically and how long he been in the game. There’s the proof lol

          • Conner

            Dosent tell me nothing

      • Bruh I’m 32 I’ve listened to jay z since he was ice berg slim and he style jacks he is great lyrically I will never take that from him but he hasn’t stopped people from doing things from what I see in philly streets

        • realtalk

          Philly has it’s own style and swag , slang etc. I know I’m from there but nobody uses autotune on tracks anymore really since he made doa, now with this album he has the internet going crazy.

          • just another white nigga

            migos, srummond, future, ye, drake, wayne, just to name a few autotuners.

          • realtalk

            All those you named are trash lmao except Wayne but he’s on his way to retirement

          • just another white nigga

            js. they autotune, and are relevant, whether we like em or not.

          • That is true indeed

          • Finesssser

            No disrespect to JAy but ain’t no one stop using autotune

  • kushxchevys

    I just wish fif dropped an album or mixtape fuckkkkkkkkkk

    Jay z album was coo thats it .

  • Blac

    I notice unless he’s talking business and making money, 50 never makes much sense.

  • Mike Power

    i guess michael jackson wasn’t still the king of pop when he died at 50, if you ask Fiddy Sent..
    hands down, since Big died, Jay been that dude, and still that dude..

    • Daniel King

      This clown 50 Co signed fuckng birdman one of the worse rappers in my eyes man is wack he just a big hater can’t stand him man will never drop a classic album or a hot track again he needs to shut his hating ass mouth up look when we thought he could fuck with Jada lol Jada styles sheek all killed his ass let’s just remember what Jay said back in the day I’m about a dollar what the fuck is 50 cent lol

    • Dom Corleone

      50s aware of the market of hiphop. the hiphop market doesn’t bend to your opinion. hes stating facts. regardless of if he likes lil uzi, he pretty much captured the point of what kinda artists are the most relevant to a mainstream audience which is alll the market cares about.

  • Rich blackman

    I’m no jay fan but how 50 suck at acting like a drug dealer when he was really a drug dealer. If ghost quits the show 50 will be on suicide watch.

    • Mec-One

      50 is just not that good of an actor

  • Allen Smith

    Jay is the best rapper alive, I bet my life if he didn’t have money niggas would ride his dick like they do NAS smh niggas only like you when you are the underdog

    • bumpy johnson


    • frankwhitedc

      Realist shit I read all day

  • the professor

    he’s right if you don’t want to be the best artist you need to stop.

  • Rich blackman

    Having a friend like 50 cent you need no enemies. 1 day 50 will look back and see sometimes it’s best to just not say nothing at all.

  • just another white nigga

    i agree w what hes saying. YES hov is king of the hill in rap CULTURE, but rap is art. sayin someones the number 1 rapper is like saying someone is the number 1 painter. ppl have different tastes. some like picasso, others prefer van gogh, monet, etc. you can never BE the best, but you are supposed to try. nobody will ever be perfect, but you gotta keep striving towards it.
    50s right, but hes also hatin.

  • Manny Bravo

    Why is hip-hop such a competitive genre? Niggas all have this crabs-in-a-bucket mentality. They should just make their art and count their money. They don’t have to compete with anyone besides themselves.

  • William Wesley

    Jay z aka Notorious BIG L

  • RaDizzle

    In my life vol.1