50 Cent Says JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Sounds Like Golf Course Music [VIDEO]

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  • Kasun Madusanka

    fif need to chill his ass down for a bit. He’s mad someone from NY making great music again. Unlike his bullshit ass music he’s making these days

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Jay-Z never said he was the best rapper. Lil Wayne called himself the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired (Jay-Z). 50 Cent needs to stop hatin’, he’s literally doing the same thing he bashes Jay for. The golf music joke was hilarious but at least Jay-Z still drops projects people check for. When’s the next 50 album dropping? On the 5th of Nevuary

      • CJFrazier

        Fam, Hov calls himself the best rapper alive on dirt off your shoulder.

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          I’m a Jay fan so I know that but Dirt Off Your Shoulders was released in 2003 when he was indeed the best rapper alive. 50 Center said it like Jay-Z recently called himself the best rapper alive. I fixed my comment for you though✌

          • CJFrazier


          • Astronaut

            Herbz with the wordplay

      • Kasun Madusanka

        Exactly. People ain’t even interested about his music anymore

      • BrodieThaGod

        You got a point but that Kanan Tape Fif dropped a couple years back was heat

        • Kasun Madusanka

          That was couple of YEARS back my dude. He’s been dropping his new album since 2014 and I’m tired waiting for that shit.

        • Kasun Madusanka

          That was a couple of YEARS back my dude. He’s been dropping his new album since 2014 and I’m tired of waiting for that shit.

          • alkapone

            it was only 2015 when he dropped it and in December too so its only been like a year and a half since he dropped it. fk you mean “..a couple of YEARS” @kasun_madusanka:disqus

          • Kasun Madusanka

            Nah you gotta check the records brah. First he said he he would be dropping Street King Immortals in 2014 last quarter. Then he renamed the project. We haven’t heard anything about it ever since.

        • kushxchevys

          Firemen came 2 my pad when i was bumping it when it first dropped

      • imaginationsequation

        50 has the best come up story mire than any other rapper, maybe artist

    • Mike Power

      abosolutely, 50 u sound stupid af, and you my nigga all day my dude!! so you out here encouraging dumb down music now, fuck outta here.. give me that ivy league shit!! give me that real rap shit.. talkin bout jay 47 too old, nigga please.. if jordan 50yrs old stepped on the court right now, a young nigga would be shook, if kobe stepped on a court right now, a young nigga would be shook.. even mike tyson in his prime, said he would never be greater that Ali.. imagine if tyson said, he would have whipped Ali ass, that woulda be wack af.. even thou he prolly would have beat Ali.. im just sayin, 50 just mad that Jay & the real King From Queens Nasty Nas can still go platimum in a week, and 50 couldnt sell 100k in a week..

      i love you too def 50, but you wack for this.. im sick of that mumble rap shit..
      yo fif, go rock some drake & future calabs, you prolly didnt even listen too young buck 10 toes down yet.. tighten up fiddy

      • Kasun Madusanka

        I love the dude too. Most of the times the guys is hilarious. At least that’s the thing he’s good at these days. Making jokes. But on the real tho he needs to make some real quality music before going at other great artists. The last time I checked he gotta some bullshit ass song with that kid Rotimi and Tip and that shit was trash to the fullest. That’s a fact

        • Mike Power

          bro, after 50 listed too that jay, he should have been motivated af, & said to himself, New York still got it.. and make some dope shit, im gonna rock every Jay, Nas, 50, Wu, Lox, Fab, Busta, Dipset, Cassidy, you get my point.. until i’m gone.. the south stick together, thats how they winnin.. my niggas up top, always wanna destroy there own.. if up top stick together, and calab on there own shit.. its a wrap

          • Kasun Madusanka

            Yeah true. I saw that list too. 50 should be greatful for jay including him on that list. All of those NY dudes need to stop hating and get back together to make some good music.

      • burk

        Bro , you takin 50 comment too much out of context, he was merely stating that a lot of the lyrics would go over the head of most people. You seem to have forgotten that rap and hip hop is the language of the street, that’s it’s true origin. With this album Jay not talking to the masses ,his finger definitely not on the pulse of the street. J cole however..is Problem.

    • kushxchevys

      U tripping my niga

  • You mad huh?

    Fif does kinda have a point. you’re 50 years old basically. Why are you still competing with the young guys in hip hop. Its pointless. You proved your point in the hip hop industry already. He only took shots at Future because he kinda dissed Diddy with the whole he don’t have no Ciroc ordeal. A bitch move on his part if thats the reasoning behind the jab.

  • Eno Nesohc

    LOL…”It’s too intelligent sounding…” Well damn…maybe some folk wanna hear intelligent shit…and others wanna turn tf up. Let everybody live…I’mma need employees in the future anyway…you know…all the folk who wanna turn tf up all the time.

  • WyDeEYesFLo

    Ice cube the best rapper alive he’ll murder Jay-Z

    • Mike Power

      in a movie??? you mad dumb

      • WyDeEYesFLo

        This nigga killed nwa by himself ain’t that hard to make a no Vaseline for Jay z to


          Yo That Pest Control Was On Da Some Disrespect Level As No Vaseline

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    On some real shit, Jay isn’t on my top list of favorite rappers; but that 4:44 album was some gold shit, that was some A+ plus shit right there. If that don’t get album of the year than I don’t know what will. 50 on some hate shit, ole washed up ass.

  • Manny Bravo

    Lol, at “Ivy League Shit.”

    I don’t think it’s “too smart,” but it’s a mature-sounding Jay-Z.

  • kushxchevys

    Lol my nigga real

    Hope yall had a good fourth

  • it’s a good album, I don’t think it’s ivy league shit tho lol…although I’m already burnt out on ppl actin like this shit the new testament part 2. they just takin everything bruh said with no questioning whatsoever.

    I do agree wit fif on lettin the young cats rock tho

  • HotlineQueef

    50 cent just said the album isnt for stupid niggers but for smart white people so you have to respect it

    • osiris627

      “Rap for white people?” In your dreams. The only successful white rapper ever is Eminem and we’d kick him out if he ever used the N word publicly. “Respect it.” Hahahaha GTFOH!

      • BeenASavage

        yall wouldnt do shit. shut that ass. lmao.

        • BeenASavage

          frenchy say it and hes maroccon lmao. looks more white to me but we know how it is you only tough when a white personsay it. hahah

          • BeenASavage

            and o in upstate ny… the ghetto is filled with whites who say it and the niggas around here dont think twice cuz they dont care but you keep picking who can chose to say it lmao!!

        • osiris627

          So why hasn’t he done it. Hmmm. Bill Maher said it the other day and had to dedicate a whole show towards the apology hahahaa.

          • BeenASavage

            Cuz it dont fall in his vocab.. not every black man and women from the hood say it but it usually is depending your enviroment and where you grew up. Bill Maher get the same respect as Em in the simple fact the two enviroments they grew up in

          • osiris627

            I would argue that Bill is less likely to be forgiven for saying the word. If Em used it, the whole black community would pull his visa immediately. Or perhaps Em, being so connected to black culture, is expected to know how the word works and Bill can claim ignorance. Your thoughts?

  • A Jay

    50 hella said this wrong way, I understand Jay being the old gate keep rapper while trying to sound appel young

  • smith jones

    Am i not seeing the hate? All 50 said was stop telling the young kids how to live.. did anyone actually listen to 50? He even said he liked it…

    • Blac

      The way he said it comes off bad. Almost like he’s trying to downplay it by saying it’s too smart. I’m still shocked though why so many people mad at Jay for giving good advice. Shit I wish I had somebody schooling me on the mistakes they made.

  • BeenASavage

    50 will still chew the whole game if he wanted to and if you say he cant yall trippin’

  • d1gord

    Fiddy need to keep starting shit with ghost on power and stop making ignorant comments

  • Code Name Blonde

    i feel Fif on a lot of what he had to say in the second quote. If rap heads were all about smart folks rap, then acts like Talib and Common would unequivocally be in most ppl’s top 5. I don’t like most of these new cats, but there was a time where the much older hip hop heads didn’t care for gangster rap any more than gangster rap fans care for the mumblers.

  • Conner

    Man i just dont see realllly dont see jay as best rapper alive not in 03 and not now he good got some msd skill hes up their with the greats but indefinately not the best sorry..

    • Matt Leon

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve never been a big Jay-z fan. He’s got some good music but nothing that would make me cop a full album of his and blast that stuff in my car

  • Issa lie

    Jay got a fortune 500 mindset now. These niggas got district manager mindsets.
    He not gone dumb down his lyrics for the weak minded.
    I dont listen to Jay z but i respect this dude mindset and the way he branded himself.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Fif just be happy and not bitter sounding

  • AZ

    4:44 Certified platinum off Tidal alone. That’s not including”illegal” downloads and streams. The album been topic of discussion since before it released, got people bustin down every line on each track lol… 13 no.1 albums in a row, made more millionaires than a lotto did, worth 850 mil, and he’s your favorite rappers favorite rapper.. F the haters B. HOV the GOAT!!..AND I fux wit Fif

  • osiris627

    Remember when opinions turned into shots? Remember when the Source and Vibe Awards turned into riots? Now the media can only report brothas standing in each other’s faces at award shows and criticisms of “golf course music.” I’d say Hip Hop has evolved and matured into a fine art. Now Jay-Z has started something new; rap for successful black people. It might not be for everyone. I think it’s the best thing to hit hip hop.