Tinashe Addresses Colorism And Twitter Went Crazy

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  • Astronaut

    As u see most of the people are black females doing the cyber bullying. Wasnt this the girl tryn kill herself awhile back? Reality is black females live in denial more than anybody else so i wouldnt pay much attention to em. Im sure if i was a celeb id get ridiculed and I’ll tell all them hoes to square up. DDT all them bitches

    • Matt Leon

      XD. Actually that was Kehlani that was trying to kill herself bro. And with this, I am starting to somewhat understand what she was talking about.

  • Food4Thought

    That’s cool and all Tinashe, but let’s get back to the real topic at hand..Right now you’re sitting at a decent 7 on my “no pull out list” ..We need to figure out how to get that ranking higher

  • Allen Smith

    I couldn’t name 2 songs but I’d wife her up tho with the quickness… she’s a koo chick

  • Pyramid33

    I only like Tinashe for the Instagram pictures

  • Matt Leon

    Do I need to ask what that picture of Tinashe licking a mini toilet was about? I’m curious because I want there to be a good reason for that but I’m almost certain it won’t be for a reason that I’ll be okay with.