Boosie Badazz Called Homophobic After Telling Story Of Men Having Sex In Prison

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  • Astronaut

    To anybody that keeps up with me, my “Twitter Guard” idea is patent pending. We in there.

  • CO Killer

    If not wanting to see two men fck makes you homophobic then I’ll be that

    • Matt Leon

      Exactly. Like, I got friends that are white. If I walk in on 2 white people having sex, I’m getting out of there fast lol. Does that make me racist?

    • d1gord

      Facts all day lmao

  • So because I’m straight and don’t wanna see gay men sword fight I’m
    Wrong honestly two lesbians don’t turn me on unless I’m in on the action

  • will dodd

    Remember people. Social justice warriors want to control your thoughts and beliefs

  • ToneM0NTANA

    The fuck type answer do people expect from a straight man that walked in on a nigga riding dick?? Thats easily on my list of shit i would rather not see in my lifetime. That shit worse than walking in on ur parents gettin it in

  • kushxchevys

    Nigga that aint homophobic seeing that type of shit aint normal tho and aint right!!!! Those peeps just sus specially them niggas tweeting!


    I’m tired of these sensitive ass muthafuckers scrolling timelines all day long wow man.

  • Food4Thought

    And today on another episode of More Fake Outrage we’ll be discussing “Straight men who don’t like to watch gay men fuck”-Duh!!
    “How to turn actual hoes into housewives”-Not Happening!! “Telling your girl she can’t really cook”-I know you tired of that dry ass chicken bruh!! Oh and last but not least “Being an instagram model doesn’t make you an actual model just like being a pornstar doesn’t make you an actual actress

    • Mm food for thought

    • Astronaut

      This shiit right here funny as fuck

    • Astronaut

      I got a homie that turned a hoe into a housewife. Idk if he sees it that way. She wasn’t out here on the corner and shiit but her parents pimped her out as a youngin for places to stay and drugs n shiit and she turned 18 last year. Me personally i dont see her as a hoe but just reading this dont you get the perception that she was a hoe?

    • this shit is classic lol

    • 100squad

      that shit left me on the floor with it,.. wish that would have been a sketch

  • Alien Les

    I swear niggas r turnin gayier and gayier by tha days. Its sickenin

  • Uptownblack215

    but my problem was how he was describing it like he to cool wit saying a nigga dick and riding dat dick like boosie u fucking gay nigga

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Word he was lookin like he liked the idea

  • Cza

    No issue with Boosie on this.

  • perfect

    Just because you dont like seeing two men fucking or just because you dont believe being homosexual is ok doesnt make you a fucking homophobe it means you just dont want to see the shit. period. You keep your gay shit over there and Ill keep my straight shit over here.