Lil Yachty And Joe Budden Debate Hip Hop Culture After Recent Spat [VIDEO]

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  • The Incredible

    Can’t stand this nigga and I swear to God if I ever had the opportunity I would steal on this nigga just for being near me, but Game-Set-Match Yachty.

    • Astronaut

      Damn G. You despise him like that.

      • The Incredible

        It’s crazy petty fam I know, but everything about this cat irks me.

        • Cavalier Thompson

          I bet u ain’t tha only 1 saying that shit too so Lil Boat better watch his back lol!!!!

        • Astronaut

          Nahh I’m a firm believer that’s there’s people in the world you natural don’t give a damn about. Bra not just gone let you steal on him tho lol. Might mess around and be like Game vs 40 gloc

  • Astronaut

    I’m starting to appreciate him as a person more and more everyday. So far only like one song, “Lets get Rich” and the beat plays a part in it 2, but let’s get rich.

    • You mad huh?

      he got one wit asap ferg that hot too

    • Cultured

      Yea I like the kid. Everyone true to knock him down and he won’t let them. He always has answers for what he does and he makes valid points. Still haven’t really gotten into his music, but I haven’t really tried either. But he’s a cool kid.

      • Astronaut

        We’ll see if the world changes him

    • Supreme Trunks

      I was about to say the same thing. That response to “nobody is happy all the time’ was hella real. I still can’t really mess wit his music but I’m appreciate lil homie.

  • lean_legend

    “theres a million fuck niggas that listen to you” shit is too funny

    • Astronaut

      I ain’t watch the video but if how said that shit. That is hilarious

  • elbowgrease

    Joe Budden is such a child… Everytime yachty says something he just leans back and goes ‘ah … bullshit’. Salty ass

  • t-stupid

    Shout out lil ⛵na nobody cant b mad @ wat dat boy said he spoke da truth fa real i felt dat shit brah


    man i love Yachty’s attitude! So positive and patient even with Joe Budden doing the most!

  • #Worklife

    He is ruining the culture, albeit he’s a kid, you cant have the message of two men kissing and say love means to love yourself. He’s not gay so why would he promote that message to the youth? The kid is being guided by some weirdos and Budden is right to question it.

  • Craig

    Joe is really a stupid ol salty ass nigga.

  • youknow

    is he really nagging about coming from a college dorm room? gtoh boat

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Yatchy is a cool dude, I might even roll a blunt with the nigga, but his music is garbage. But I don’t rain on how a man pays his bills. He’s making money, and not selling drugs and harming muthafuckas so I sulute him, I just don’t fuck with his music.