Tory Lanez Says He’s Going To Respond To Drake’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ Diss

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  • HotlineQueef

    this site reaches like a bill cosby reach around in the 1980s

    • DinnyLite

      he rapes, but he saves

  • Matt Leon

    It’s a coincidence. The guy just has a weird name lol

    • DoDaDiddleDance

      Nahhh.. if it was one line it would sound like a reach but the “day star” and “i told you” lines back to back when he’s clear addressing someone says its gotta be a shot at Tory Lanez

      • Matt Leon

        I still think it’s a reach but either way, shit looks like it might be about to hit the fan.

        • DoDaDiddleDance

          If Tory got any kinda sense he’ll leave that shit alone. Aint even worth it.

          • Matt Leon

            I sorta wanna agree but at the same time, if Tory does nothing, this could go one of two ways: best case scenario, this heat will die down and news of the beef will just fade to nothing. Worst case scenario, Tory gets flooded with a bunch of OVO fans calling him soft and a pussy for not responding, I think both Drake fans and Drake haters can agree some fans do be doing too much shit whenever a beef happens.

    • ReBL

      i dont know man…Tory has a track on his first New Toronto Mixtape (with DJ Drama) called “One day” as well….hmmmm

  • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

    Tory can’t fuck with Drake.

  • Whill

    Tory look, respond subliminally not directly. You’re not going to win going after Drake directly…..

    • Food4Thought

      Tory has done the subliminal thing with Drake already, but I feel what you saying..Unfortunately, the gap in popularity now dictates who comes out on top in these situations.The only problem with going at Drake is that his story is already out there for everyone to see.If you go at him,you can’t spit the same shit that he’s already addressed or has been challenged on

  • DinnyLite

    Something about Canadian rappers beefing just doesn’t seem right.

  • Twiz

    Drake a girl…say that nigga name