Rick Ross Talks Warning Meek Mill About Nicki Minaj In New Interview

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  • bawse

    Somebody should have warned Rick Ross about Meek Mill.

    *drops mic*

    • LoveBoat2smooth

      Why meek can spit if it wasn’t for all the Drake dick riders he’d still be one of your favorite rappers

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        bawse is drakes water boy

      • Thee_One1

        all meek do is yell in the mic, not versatile at all. Dude is one dimensional trash. He stay relevant by taking Ls. Honestly taking all these Ls is making him money. He stay getting PROMO.

        • Kool

          Lmao relevant by taking Ls uhhh what smh , yall meek haters need to face it he’s on top. He ain’t take not one L except for falling down some steps and that’s not hip hop related lol. Usually if you take all the Ls as you new generation lame niggaz say then your career would be dead not still poppin and being the talk of every blog lol

          • Thee_One1

            Ahaha any publicity is good publicity. Need to step up your knowledge young boy. And yes Meek a loser, but he seem good at spinning his Ls and making it funny. The boy actually smart.

  • money

    Rick Ross is a bitch ASS nigga…….. always in other people’s business

    • YoungPrime

      Thank you Wack 100. Now mind yours…..

  • YoungPrime

    Still think Nick and Meek both some overrated snakes who both got what the deserved one way or another. They both had songs bragging about cheating in order to be together which ultimately ended the way a relationship like that is expected to.

    Not claiming to be a damn saint either but when they put it out there like that, don’t expect Karma to be Meek and Nicki Stan either!

    • DonCDaCapo

      but at the same time they coulda already had songs made nd jus started puttin them out cuz I know if I wrote some fire shit I’m not gone be like I got a girl now I can’t drop this aha

  • Amanwithnoname101

    Nigga should follow his own advice