50 Cent’s Baby Mama Fires Back After Fif Disowns Son

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  • Astronaut

    Baby Momma drama has 2 bring out the worst type of anger in a person. I couldn’t do it.

    • NYCityKid

      That’s true. But if u weak u weak too tho

  • Jesse Mccree

    Fucked up as it sounds the kid and just mom made it clear over and over that they want nothing to do with him. I guess he just figured he’d move on and do what he can for the kids he does have in his life. My dad have 5 kids with another woman before he had me and my siblings. I’ve only ever met one of those kids, and he was sending them money til I was like 10. if you asked them they’d say he’s a deadbeat piece of shit. If you ask me and my brothers, I couldn’t have asked for a better father. Lifes a bitch like that sometimes

    • thorn416

      If he made FIVE whole kids and wasn’t a part of their lives, he definitely is a complete piece of shit. That’s irresponsible and selfish

      • Ben Blazon

        Damn my nig. I may sound like a hypocrite from my last post about Fisticuffs, but least you could do is give some words of encouragement.
        Thorn416: keep ur head up my G. Keep it pushing at all times.. If it’s not positive, you don’t need it.

        • thorn416

          Maybe i’m just kinda salty because my pops ditched us when i was 1 and started a new happy family never lookin back

      • black_mamba_fam

        Typical nigga shit….
        (getting rachet bitches pregnant then not wanting nothing to do with them…not your comment)

      • Jesse Mccree

        Look man he was married to her and everything. They had a house and all that. Happy family shit. Then she cheated on him and tried to say she was pregnant by him again. He didn’t think it added up so they brought the kids through the ringer and everything. Difus and divorce court and DNA tests for all the kids and everything. She was pregnant with some other dudes kid. He tried to be there for them but the mom wouldn’t let him anywhere near them without her calling the cops as soon as he pulled up. Cause she had the other dude move in soon as he left. It ain’t as easy as it sounds when you ain’t there

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      Shit my pops had me and three boys with my mom he was garbage ass nigga though and my mom’s bounced after 6 years then he got a bunch of other bitches pregnant and would hit us up every couple years. We said fuck him and when we all hit high school he suddenly wanted to be in our lives turns out cause we were all working and he just wanted to borrow money

    • K.David

      Nigga…I’m assuming you’re a man now. As a man, you gotta realize your pops was half-ass. Its okay when you’re a kid but when you grow up and feel like the man that was there for you and yours but neglected his others is still someone who couldn’t have been a better father? C’mon son…

  • Conner

    Yet fifs babe mom probley thw very person he kept fifty from seeing his son and then putting non sense and lies into the kids head to not have a relationship with his father but you wouldnt hear that in social media just what fif does wrong smh

  • just another white nigga

    chick prolly took the money w a smile, then turned around n told the kid “your dads a POS, he dont love you, fuck him”. i seen it before.

    fif is a petty mf sometimes tho, but thats what happens when the streets raise you. youre taught to let NOTHING slide. if you let one little thing skate, everyone will think they can get away w it.

    • thorn416

      FACTS. “You let one thing slide, mofuckas start skatin”.

      But yeah as a kid my mom definitely manipulated me against my father, I didn’t see her fault in it til I was grown

      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        Damn that sucks my pops tried saying that’s what my mom’s was doing but even his own sister and brothers said naw that nigga was mad abusive funniest part is I remember all the shit he did when I was a kid so I knew he was lying if anything my mom wanted him in our lives and would tell me go with him but i said no

  • Leekluv216

    And to think yall nicca’s fuck with 50, that’s the sad part. He is a clown through and through! And if you “disown” a child, then at least have the decency to keep that shit to yourself, no need to be vocal about it, or post it for millions (including the child to see). This doesn’t affect 50 or the BM at all, but all the while Marquise will forever be changed from the fact his father disowned him.

    • Mike Donovan

      these are the comments of hos. you know nothing of their past relationship. spectate without taking sides

      • Leekluv216

        Fuck him and fuck her! I’m siding with a fatherless child, fam. It’s never the child’s fault! Regardless of choices adults make, them splitting is life my g. But you still have to be a parent. I’m sure his lil man had a cel phone for 8-10 years now, you don’t even have to deal with ur ex bird.

  • She says he weak but he pays all her bills

  • Drake Jr.

    yo but 7.5 k a month and she was bitching??? lmfao i hate bitches i swear smfh

  • Mane Mane

    Yall sum real bitch ass niggas on here. “My daddy left me so im mad at him not my slut whore of a mom who let a nigga get her pregnant with no ring and no money” smh

  • perfect

    When you have a child you take care of that kid at all costs. If you dont regardless of the situation then you a piece of shit. period. If you dont want to take care of them dont have them. Taxpayers pay for them youngins that dont have shit.

  • When bitches be bitter and use karma or the wrath of god lol