50 Cent Visits Troy Ave In The Hospital & Updates His Condition

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  • teddy t.stupid

    Can’t knock a soulja down datz fucked up tho on Christmas hope he make out good

  • bushay914nyc

    Fif had too take pic thoo

  • damn, but who knows this may actually help his case

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    It wasn’t his time, he still has work to do…. God bless

    • C.Savage

      Yea, he still gotta carry out his sentence.

  • Senor Binns

    2016 wants to take this nigga so bad but he hardheaded and refuses to go

    • 100squad

      Almost like “fif”was ready for the pic. It was like an all white affair in there or something. Shout out to not loosing his life on a day that most people should never be taking one ☝️

  • Fool is 34 he almost as old as 50 he a dope man now fam lol

  • Mike Donovan

    never a larger group of haters than brooklyn nigga. canarsie is the worst…. not worth the rent or property value listed. Island life ny style

    • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

      Right here in the 90s and farragut. U dead homeboy

      • Mike Donovan

        Thats coo to you. black race has a problem,, ;ppled how you glorified that whats cool about that. a bucnh of corny west indian niggas who disrespect their hood and fake claim LA ssets that arent their essence.

        • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

          Meant. To put dead right fam..u hit it on the head with the 1st comment

  • yolkipalki69

    dam hope 50 takes this helps this guy , someone one gotta get those shooters with who ever sent them….. this guy makes good music , REAL HIP HOP