50 Cent Trolls Rick Ross For Getting Busted For Pistol Whipping

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  • This fool Ross the only rapper in the game who’s rap sheet starts at nearly 40…

    Ended up where he started at.

    got nothing but respect for an artist who likes to revisit his roots.

    Ricky had such a good time with his old work pals a few weeks ago that he had to go back.

    It’s staged. Ricky was working undercover. They did the same thing when they arrested O’connor in Fast and Furious when he was driving that truck.

    • Craig

      I do think its odd they denied him bail. Its not like he is a flight risk….. he is a damn celebrity with plenty obligations he has to fill or lose big money. Plus he not hard to spot if he did try to hide……

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    Word is the gardener ate Rickys lemon pepper wings and pears so ross got agitated n grabbed his gun lol

  • Samisback

    lol this nigga just sits on the internet and waits for some shit like this to happen so he can make jokes, 50 is the ultimate troll.

    • fontane

      but u know this snit funny

      • Samisback



    50 is a beast – and if gets to some real beef its gonna take serious bars to take this nigga out

    • serious bars.. like.. no pun intended

    • XLR8

      50 isn’t messing with anyone lyrically, as a matter of fact Ross is lyrically better than 50. When he’s beefing on wax all he does is threaten, talk about harming them in some way or how much more money he has.

      • CLOVER•

        I grew up on fifty.get rich or die tryin was the first album i ever heard,I was like 11. That being said bro, that kinda set the tone for me as far as what type of music I like to listen too. Don’t get me wrong I like Rick Ross I fucks with him but what I was saying is that the nigga won’t stop like remember that beef he had with ha rule,he didn’t stop and kept going until how I like to say the lox put him of commission for minute lol

    • Max Fyre

      lol 50 is not capable of taking Ross out on the mic.

      • CLOVER•

        Check your resources – swag rap Has you blind kidd

  • Dexter Wright

    Biggest Hater in The World!

  • Dexter Wright

    One good album went to his head!

  • Max Fyre

    50 is an idiot. Rick Ross has the game in a choke hold right now and is dropping heat rock after heat rock. 50 Cent is a has been inferior rapper.

  • Max Fyre

    Has been desperately trying to get attention from a superior rapper who is at the top of the game right now. Go spend your money 50, it’s over son.