50 Cent Thinks Eminem Is Making A Mistake With His Career Approach

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  • ben

    Good general rule nowadays, but Em gone do numbers regardless

    • Ben Blazon

      U think so?
      I’m a huge fan of Em, but sadly, Fisticuffs has a point in having to re-excite us again. So idk…
      Personally, I want that relentless “the way I am”, lyrical “Tim Westwood freestyle,” Em back… these pop songs not gona cut it for me.

      • Keep It Real

        Pop songs? Em still kept it real, and is keeping up with his audience in his maturity of his music. Anyone who had followed his lyrics and been through the same struggles can relate. You need to actually listen to the words and not just the chorus

      • ChiCity300

        Facts I need superman song em foh with that pop shit Taylor swift ass shit. But I’m sure that make the big money so whatever from advertisers not fans

    • Matt Leon

      Exactly. Niggas wanna act like Eminem is on some Logic type of level in this business but he could drop one 30 second song and that shit would become a damn hit. Em has skill and a fanbase to pull off that type of stuff.

  • imaginationsequation

    Eminem gonna sell whenever he put out an album. He’s the only person who can bash Trump and people wouldn’t turn n burn their eminem collectiom

    • burk

      Because he’s white

      • imaginationsequation

        Are you asking or telling me lol

        • burk

          Am telling you. If Kanye said the same type shit Em be saying ..everybody come for his ass

      • LoveBoat2smooth

        You better watch your blood pressure with all that salt

        • burk

          Lol . I know

  • SkidRow

    100 bucks says he goes triple platinum again

    • Ben Blazon

      I’ll bet. Triple? After this long??
      “Ninth album” would be sweet if he even hit 1X platinum. (In 2 maybe 3 weeks)

  • A Jay

    Should’ve been advice he gave to himself after 2010, Em going to be relevant no matter what. At one point or until now 50 was supposed to be bigger than Eminem Lol

    • Ben Blazon

      That’s why Em took him under his wing.

  • d1gord

    Gotta respect the triple platinum. Sounds like em way is working just fine. That’s a lot of sales for people to be saying they don’t bump him in the car

  • em has the talent knowledge and personality to excel by being visible more

    but maybe its just not his thing, the dude rich AF anyways im sure its not about what we think to him

    his place in hip hop history is solidified

  • TKingLives

    Everybody pumping out mix tapes left and right because the music market is like fast food people consume one product and are instantly hungry for the next. I think Em doing what he does by hiding out and making people actually anticipate it is smart.

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Yeah be like me lose your passion and go bankrupt because fame turned me into such a cornball i have to rely on trolling to be relevant

  • Ye’

    Look how long it had been before his last album too, and he also outsold drake that year

  • Kayla Moore

    Some artists have to sell themselves to the public, and others let their art speak for them.

  • youknow

    I’m a huge Em fan but I really wish he didn’t feature Pink on his single … I hope it works tho