50 Cent Takes Time Off Of His Busy Beef Schedule To Clown Meek Mill

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  • damion911

    Do not respond Meek. Put this one on the block list lol

  • I see why they shot this nigga 9 times.

    • ItzBigDeeCuz

      Lmmfao right this nigga always pickin

      • Someone in Meek crew said they was gon shoot him so he clowned Meek. So they got at him first

        • Celz

          Why did they say that though

      • 50 is getting annoying. I thought he was in the music business but the nigga not making music.

        • Frank White

          he is making music…He just tryna stay relevant by talkin shit…

    • YoungPrime

      The difference in this case is that Meek keeps shootin himself.

    • Michael Ambrosi

      Dude I’m losing it cracking up hahahahah thank you for this post

    • #Worklife


  • highgeorgebush

    Drake and 50 on a track bodying meek would be hilarious

    • CLOVER•


    • Free Guwop

      This Meeks fault how u signed to and ride for Ross call him ya brother but started gettin cool with 50 on stage wit him n all

  • YoungPrime

    As quick as Meek was to rip on Wale who wasn’t even dissing him you’d think there’d be some kind or retort by now.

    • CLOVER•

      50 told that nigga he would wash him up to his face – peep game bro

    • WhoIsMeekMill?

      That was mad funny when he straight snitched on wale about the ross stuff… ON SOCIAL MEDIA…. when wale didn’t even diss him and was actually backing him if anything….

      Snitched on drake out of jealousy

      Snitched on Wale for either a lack of patience or a lack of reading comprehension (or both)


      • Mec-One

        He could have jumped on the drake wave too being with nicki and all…..

  • markdaShark7

    This is corny…Meek Mill (lyrically) is hotter than a lot of these rap dudes. Drake says a couple of slick little lines and now I’m supposed to fall in line and say his career is over? Leave the persona stuff at home. Judge a man on his talent level. Drake is solid and so is Meek, no more no less.

    • CLOVER•

      Meek is that you ?

      • fUckOUttAhErE

        HAHAHA!!!!!!! FOR REAL!

    • Adam West

      what are you talking about the s*** that Meek Mill raps about is borderline retarded

    • Teddy Hasaguyforthat Grahams

      ok meek mill and the word lyrically next to each other, in the same statement, without a negative in it… got me a lil bothered tbh hah. the boi talk rap 2,3 things everytime. and dont have the decency to atleast be more creative than the last time. His rollie looks like fill in the blank..hes balling like fill in the blank(dun used kobe like 11 times already) n then sumthin sumthin about broke niggas

    • WhoIsMeekMill?

      Meek a straight up cookie cutter of jadakiss and about 100 other niggaz taht came befor ehim

      • Jermaine Bennett

        Am so jamaican and don’t kno shit about rap but how the hell meek and jada is in the same statement dude dats so not cool

        • WhoIsMeekMill?

          same audience. not skill.

    • Michael Elz Ellery

      Fuck Weak mill. He fucking sucks. He keeps lil wayneing his self. Another shot to him self. Meek mill gotta be one of the biggest bitchs in the game and his girl can spit better than him . Ha ha ha

  • Wintersoldier7020

    But 50 has twitter fingers. He’s the type of nigga that types to niggas. The shit wasn’t about 50 personally, but it was about niggas like 50…he’s just too stupid to recognize. lol

    • Blake Mcnamara

      50 says shit on Twitter but that nigga will throw the hands too he ain’t a bitch hiding behind a screen like meek

      • Wintersoldier7020

        He’ll throw hands… in the air and get all his shit taken.

        • Young Flacko

          Nahh 50 ain’t never been the type of nigga to shy away from a fight. 50 a street nigga at heart and since he emerged from the hood that mf has always been confrontational. He more about business now but 50 will still fight anybody any the industry and I’ll put money on that

  • Alex Lowery

    50 don’t won’t or need meek to blast his ass

  • MikeRotch_og

    It’s good that the nigga 50 got jokes for every-damn-body. Especially, since his rap career, movie career, boxing company etc. been done since forever and he had to file bankruptcy.

  • R.Tyler

    my god…what ever happen to just rapping? man social media really has exposed some soft ass school girl gossip ass whiney bitch rappers. Twitter and Instagram has gotten some so called “thugs” and “gangstas” and “real niggas” just typing back and forth like some fucking high schoolers. Grown ass men just bitching at each other like some fucking girls. Understand, I’m not trying to see it escalate to violent levels where niggas are just shooting at each other but this is ridiculous. It honestly has me thinking a lot more highly of Drake since he was the first one in this new age of “twitter beef” to actually step into the booth and rap about some shit instead of just bitching on the internet. Just fucking rap.

  • Kevin Pittman

    I think MM done learned his lesson with Drake, ain’t no way he’s gonna try his hand again. That nigga need to focus on his career, for real. 50 right tho… MM thought Drake was declawed, the thing about it is B2B… Yawn* gtfoh, I give Drake props for making the song mainstream so the shit get’s play, but the shit is just sub par…

  • Dixon

    that shit just got real damm meek every body hate you