50 Cent Takes Swing At Female Fan [VIDEO]

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  • Latino Sin Zero

    Ooouuuuuu… that was close fiddy! Let’s see if she swings at fiddy for another bankruptcy… I hope she misses like he did for his sake.

  • d1gord

    He realized he was in deep shit when he did it.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    my nigga 50 had a quick PTSD flashback of whoopin somebody’s ass lol

  • 100squad

    Dam ain’t he been sued enough? Shit I would have let her thirsty ass pull me down. Made sure my ass was on her face,farted & then sued her ass..

  • kushxchevys

    Avoidin lawsuits lol

  • Thee_One1

    i imagine he also banged her too…crisis averted and terminated. Bitch got everything she dreamed of lol

  • Theophrastus Compactus

    I for one, think that he may have been simply trying to brace himself for the fall. I commend Uncle Murda for how he responded to the situation, he did his best to try to prevent his man from falling off the stage and then promptly stood in front of him in order to protect him from any kind of danger that may have been present.

    Theophrastus Compactus.

  • Supreme Trunks

    He saw an image of a judge and her lawyers flash through his mind.