50 Cent Takes It In Stride When Tiffany Lighty Smashes Up His Lamborghini

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  • Ultimate Hater

    obv not a dig deal. i dont even see shit. fuck it he mad his living off Ja Rule so he will be good. Murder inc nigg3rz

  • 50 is so great

  • DaTrooth

    probably not even the mirror to his lambo… notice it’s cut off

  • HipHopFan

    Insurance+Lightys Pockets=50 Got Reimbursted to buy another one or get the mirror fixed and keep the check thats why it isn’t a big deal!!!

    • DaTrooth

      it’s not even a lambo mirror.. look at the shape from the first picture

    • OhRyanT

      You don’t buy a new lambo for a minor accident. Do you know how insurance works?

  • Samisback

    when you’re worth as much as fif is you can afford to take it in stride

  • XLR8

    Please, that’s the lamborghini he lets everyone drive/borrow, he’s taking in stride because its older, outta date and he more than likely planned on trading it in to get a newer version.