50 Cent Suggests Diddy Is Gay While Posing With Lee Daniels

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  • Rich blackman

    This reminds me of Martin you so crazy. When Martin boy said can I suck you dick. 50 cent has a thing for Diddy. Diddy tries to ignore this nigga. 50 will always be a bully. Diddy got all that money why wont he use it. 50 would be off the face of the earth if I had his type of money. 50 will not let up. So I guess we have to wonder why is he so passionate about Diddy?

    • plsDontreply

      no need to wonder, 50 told the story its on you tube. it goes 50 was hot in the streets and diddy wanted to sign him. diddy had someone approach 50 and tell him diddy wants to meet him. They tell 50, diddy wants to take him shopping. 50 thought that’s what you do to bitches so he aint fucked with diddy since…

  • Fresh One

    captain hater

  • G.O.A.T

    Kinda looks like meek