50 Cent Smacks Kid Who Reaches Into His Rolls Royce [VIDEO]

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  • Johnathan Dough

    He must be tryna go out like Chinx.

    • bushay914nyc

      Smh u gettin shot today

      • Johnathan Dough

        Still livin nigga

        • bushay914nyc

          Lol still now?

          • Johnathan Dough

            Ye lmao

  • Allen Smith

    Da nigga was shot 9 times… He reacted to somebody running up on him… MANY MEN!!!!


      best comment anyones going to make on this article

      • austin

        and he had on headphones. but ya shot 9 times, he was alone too right here.. he not getting caught slippin & why reach in his car??? stupid ppl. #GetRichOrDieTrying

    • XLR8

      In most situations 50 has been in, I’m against him but not this time. Its just common sense not to just walk up to somebodies ride and just lean inside without being welcomed. It doesn’t even have to be because he has enemies out there, anybody would be on the defense if someone you didn’t know just started leaning into your car.

  • BK

    natural reaction

  • Spookeysmoker

    Could of been a reaction who knows anyways you can’t do shit these days niggas record everything

    • Dom Corleone

      Everything except gay night club shootings…

      • Spookeysmoker

        It wasn’t probably because nobody there thought anything would happen worth recording…

        • Dom Corleone

          Ever been to the club in the Snapchat era? Niggaz/bitches never put them shits down.

          • Leekluv216

            FACT! PREACH Dom!!! Shit is corny and very annoying!!!

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  • Devin

    lol pull up on that nigga if you want to

  • MartyMcFly

    That paint job nice tho

  • Devin

    nigga ready at all times

  • Ginsu

    Shoulda said what up BEFORE he reached his hand out to try & dap 50

  • Youngflaco

    How niggas keep saying he was reacting to the kid running up on him yet he never even noticed the dude riding up to the Drivers side filming? If your so nervous about somebody doing something to you then put the top back up or take the earphones out your ear.

    • ESCKeenoRich

      Even if 50’s nervous or not, I bet that boy knows to not put his hands all on a strangers car again.

  • TurnerVisual

    Think like this he slapped his hand the lil boy had no rite to reaching in no one car he was in the wrong if it wasn’t fifty mf a normal person would this matter

  • 50 worried about a kid but didnt even notice the nigga runnin up on him recording in the drivers side smh dumb nigga smacked a kid 50 took another L FOR THAT

  • Phillip Narcisse

    He hot his hand a way not slapped him he thought he was reaching for his stuff.

  • Hurry Up & Buy Nigga!

    What would you do if a stranger reached their arm in your car tho? Think about it…

  • Mr. ZipS

    fifty my nigga!

  • Big Bank

    SHit a kid will murk yo ass just as easy

  • MasonLestat

    whatever hes not a god, even if you love his music and all that shit, have some distance to his actions

  • 5s poppin

    Fif.was shooin the lil niga away from the whip n merch in feont seat…that lil niga got tbe grip he out

  • Stefan Gajie

    That’s a ‘smack’? HAHAHAHAHAHA – I was expecting to see kids laid out!

  • Kingquazy

    Bitch he swatted the kids hand away from his briefcase/bag that is sitting in the passenger seat. Fuck is wrong with you guys. Smacked??? He literally gently swatted the kids hand.

    • Kingquazy

      It’s a box. Had to go back and double check. But nonethefuckingless, it was a gentle swat and the kid still stayed there. You guys are whack with the bullshit headlines.

  • thoseinspace

    Haha lil man did run up on him like they went to school together. It hurts to realize Fif’s musical career is over man. Ain’t nobody checkin for his new shit. Only way I’d want to hear him would be on a track with Game.

  • glenn dal

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  • Craig

    lol the dude that recorded it straight kept it moving after 50 swatted that boy. The camera turns right back to the streets and you see the bike moving on.

  • Young

    any of these little ghetto children even look at me I’m going upside the head. lead in the water nowadays..cant trust em