50 Cent Mocks Sha Money XL For Not Bailing Out Bobby Shmurda

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  • wax wizard

    yeah bobby shoulda been bailed out, everybody knows that shit

    • Dwight Linder

      Real rap should a been bailed out sha money fucking up that boy gonna get his ass kicked

  • XLR8

    Kidd Kidd more than likely got arrested for his domestic violence situation. 50 is trying to compare Kidd Kidd’s situation to Shmurda’s situation but there is a difference between bailing somebody out for violence and bailing somebody out possibly because of multiple murders. Kidd Kidd more than likely will only get sentence to community services or anger management while if Shmurder get bailed out, he might get convicted and sent to prison anyway for more than 15 years. No matter how much money I had, I wouldn’t bail out anyone close to me that talks about murdering someone then gets arrested for murder.

    • kushxchevys

      True 52 classes of DV for kidd kidd hahaha

  • Dwight Linder

    Fif ain’t playing speaking try facts how u got money in your name but no money to bail out gs9 smh fucking sad g unit

  • Ok if you gonna get his thug ass out you waste your money BC he gonna end up right back in jail or dead. Sha Money ain’t got money to throw away on sucka shit.

  • 50 need to stop speaking on the next man $