50 Cent Likens ‘Empire’ To ‘Hip Hop Glee’

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  • prettyflacko


  • Iphone

    This guerrilla with rabbit teeth face ass niggaaaaa is nothing but jealous that he’s no longer relevant and nothing he does pops anymore. Shut the fuxk up…

  • 100squad

    Aint nobody checking for what fiddy saying or feeling accept for Tony Yayo.

    • ng


      • 100squad

        Yea, what he said..

  • randomgrammarnazi

    Yo hiphopearly you need to hire me to edit your articles, quiet, not quite

  • Robert Williams

    Power is a better! Check it out!

  • RC

    Fifty just mad that Timbaland is making all the money for music on this show.

  • animehunter

    i do prefer Power but Empire isn’t that bad at all! but there is some useless loose canon on the show! i feel like Ghost and Angela will have to teach an audiance lesson to Lucious and Cookie Lyon !

  • workworkwo

    quiet **********