50 Cent Is No Longer Bankrupt

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  • Ghostface-

    niggas pretend like a street nigga aint got money tucked away

    waking up in hospital puts life in perspective real quick

  • Astronaut

    If you trying get ahead in life, sue someone with money.

  • yolkipalki69

    What a heavy goon…….. Like a Boss would………. if only he dropped one more DOPE ALBUM!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    He was never bankrupt kept telling y’all fools

  • Spookeysmoker

    Where them dickeaters at who said he was bankrupt lol…. none can outwit a cancer male

    • Jamal

      You are a fucking retard.

      • Spookeysmoker

        It’s a joke niggas like you take the internet to personal

  • Mec-One

    Fuck all that, where’s the next season of Power?!

  • thatsjas2 .

    he worked the system the same way people been doing for years!