50 Cent Implies Diddy Is Gay With Suspect Lee Daniels Pic

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  • bawse

    been rumors for awhile now

  • yolkipalki69

    LMAO looks like Diddy got that dude thumb up his ass , hence the facial expression…. and the dude looking like ‘ U like dat shit son”…hahah

    • UnderratedTruth

      Yeah that shit ain’t a good look at all!!

    • Melo

      Nah! Lee got that boy Diddy joint in his hand. Jacking that nigga off. Go check out Ali Vegas’ interview with Doggie Diamonds. A lot of industry DUDES are undercover.

      • JW

        I watched that maybe 2 weeks been looking at every rapper like they been gay since. Especially them niggas that show any feminist ways about em. The so called hardest niggas done got that ass touched for that “so called bag”.

    • Errybody KiLLa

      The creative gay thinking that you share for your comment is highly suspect SMDH lmao just sayin

      • yolkipalki69

        If your gay and that offended you , i apologize.

  • locodon

    Come on now, who is shocked and surprised at this? If you are then you need to move out from under that rock.

  • Music Magicbox

    I know some industry folks so….I dont know why 50 cent is making fun of anyone for being gay. I know your secrets fif!

  • UnderratedTruth

    50 a fool but I’m wit him Puff been full of shit

  • ChiCity1988

    50 gives no fucks thats why i respect the dude…says shit other people are to pussy too

  • LatarionMilton

    All these entertainers be playing swords with each other smh

  • Craig

    Ughhhhh what didn’t diddy do!!!

  • Craig

    Lee: you ready to take that take that
    Puff: Oh……. that’s how I sound.

    • Errybody KiLLa

      The creative gay thinking that you have for this article is highly suspect SMDH lol just sayin

      • Craig

        Because I made up a caption using puffs adlib…. sorry to disappoint you but I don’t get down like that. Isn’t there a gay site you can go to instead of fishing in these comments. May be easier for you to find someone.

  • Spookeysmoker

    I always said diddy and mase were funny money to me I dunno nigga just don’t sit right with me about them

  • Spookeysmoker

    Honestly how many straight men I don’t care if your not a homophobe would you really let a gay nigga in your personal space like that?? Like nigga you don’t post pics with your wife but with this gip yea right nigga we all already know to get rich and be a black man you gotta do questionable shit that need answers PAC said it best

    • perfect

      wtf does being black have to do with it….. you watch the news too much. sit down

  • Kenny Woods

    i wit 50 these dudes gay as fuck shit make me sick fuck empire and that new show i waiting on power

  • Craig

    Lol you reaching now….you reply to me because you curious about my sexuality… now you sending me middle finger emojis. But I’m the one that’s mad….. yeah nigga you a real one.

  • Craig

    Keep trying to laugh it off Errybody Killa. You exposed your hand. I was just making a joke you the one out here scouting. Lil retarded ass nigga.

  • Craig

    My bad let me stop being gay so you can stop talking to me.