50 Cent Has Sold His Share In Effen

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  • smith jones

    Lol 50 ain’t broke his money hidden like the rich mf… just like Jay z money hidden.. puffy money hidden too. This is how rich stay rich

  • Dvillain.

    Smart man.

  • Astronaut

    Been listening to too much Golf music huh fif. Or maybe its a coincidence

  • Imwhite

    Charlamagne is such a goof ball acting like he knows anything about business in the first place. 50 made huge money off these ‘minority shares’ in vitamin water and effen (doesnt mean he held on to it very long tho).

    • Ghostface-

      the Vitamin Water deal is through Glacaeu + Coca Cola. Fif made huge money off that. I’d guess more than the Effen deal. The other nerd commenting didn’t even listen to the video, he sold his shares for 60 million NOT made the company 60 million. smfh

  • Rich blackman

    He has not made the company no 60 million. FOH. He wasnt even getting a mil a year while promoting the vodka. Effen is not that big of a brand thats why this negro leaving. If it was doing well the entire company would have been bought by a bigger company for 10 times what the company is worth.

    • djkillahmike

      Hater alert

      • Rich blackman

        50 cent dick rider

      • Rich blackman

        In a male groupies eyes 50 can never do wrong. 50 went bankrupt. Male groupie is like naw 50 smart he hiding his money. 50 hates his son. Male groupie naw 50 son ungrateful . 50 and Floyd don’t do the money team and 50 says Floyd can’t read. Male groupie naw 50 was letting niggas know you have to learn how to read so you can count numbers. Foh