50 Cent Does The #BowWowChallenge

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  • Samisback

    this meme would’ve been funny as hell if I didn’t already see it 20 times today

  • Frank White

    yall posted the same picture twice…yall gotta be doin shit like this on purpose at this point…

    • BrodieThaGod

      Fam they gotta be. Ain’t no way they make this many mistakes. It’s in every article.

  • Spookeysmoker

    This funny af I don’t have social media so I be missing a lot of shit and be late but again I could cRe less about living thru my phone screen

    • SloanTheDon

      Don`t have FB or twitter but I have Ig and snap. Snaps cool cause u can send specifically stead of posting on your profile. Also Ig n snap pree relevant to hip-hop and rap and I have a passion for it so I can deal wit it a lil. For Example I saw most of Gucci`s video `Waybach`before he released it thru back scenes etc on his snap, lil things like that make me wanna keep it. I don`t even post any pictures on IG, I just look thru the ppl I follow(Mostly rappers etc). Facebook is beyond retarded tho glad I deactivated that back in 2012… especially with it`s recent horrific.

      Overall tho I feel u, used to kno a few ppl glued to they phones, was pretty stupid like dam nyou jus gonna be on your phone the whole time

      • I dig that bro it’s nothin wrong with t man we all have or vices but this social media shot is making us more unconnected than connected

        • SloanTheDon

          I feel that. It definitely has it`s Pros and Cons.

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    Who else noticed Dey posted 50’s meme again when Dey meant to post Bow wow’s? Lol y’all suck HHE.

    • Blahblah ooo

      What you said makes no sense

      • Frank White

        It did, but they fixed it

      • FuckYaCommentB…

        You can’t read Nigga.

  • Rich blackman

    I wanna do the 50 challenge. Damn homie when you dropped grodt you was the man homie what the fuck happen to the vitamin water money homie

    • SloanTheDon

      I’m the man ft Chris Brown homie, money buried in the sahara dessert homie


    • ChiCity1988

      You would fail the challenge just because you don’t hear his music on the radio dont mean hes not making some heat still…Also he got Power and just got a show on BET….Fif still rockin boi

      • Rich blackman

        You will win the challenge of dick riding

        • ChiCity1988

          Yeah dick riding because everything I said is true…FOH clown ass rich blackman and the irony of that name considering you would think you think you be proud of another rich blackman doing his thing…Hypocrite

          • You scared him away lol now he’s tweetin about bitch niggas and killing them and he a real nigga

          • ChiCity1988


  • Spookeysmoker

    Nah bruh I been using social media before it was a thing I been using xanga since 01 etc as I got older I really didn’t wanna be part of this connnected thing as people call it but when we go outside we barely can hold civil eye to eye conversation I wish people would act like it’s 2001 again

    • Myleage

      you been missing out on a LOT of memes bro lmao. the last 4 years been epic. that meek mill beef, joe budden, rachel white girl wanna be black, to name a few. that fyre festival too. just get a instagram or twitter

      • Lmao man I pick a lot up when I check on here but this is far as I take it with social media this is a small cool platform to check on my bus ride to and from work but days I drive I usually don’t

        • Food4Thought

          You hit it on the head with not having any social media..I don’t fuck with none of that shit at all..All the people around me got it and I see how consumed that makes them with their screen all day.That shit ain’t for everybody

          • Bruh I have nothin against it at all to each his own but when you take them words on the internet in black and white to literal something is wrong…..sticks and stones break bones not words now everybody so soft you have to politically conscious about everything man people are so finitky it makes no sense nothing is fun anymore because all people do is post up and take pics wtf man I’m just lost

          • BigHomie

            Spook im the same i aint got no social media accouts, just fuck with hhe, wshh, and Youtube….i see sociial media shit through fam and friends but all that shit honestly ends up in a wshh vine comp anyway and all the viral videos too so i dont miss much really. I don’t like the pedestal social media is on its praised praised too much thats why i sray away.

          • I don’t even do worldstar man people love seeing people fight get embarrassed etc on there I’m not into that when and if I fight I don’t need likes or a recording I just wanna get that shit out my system keep it moving but everybody doing shit for attention now like they females this the only social media site I use

          • smith jones

            Fuvk facebook.. best thing ever Is being single and not having social media.. hoes all day and they cant track you..

    • ChiTownT

      RS bruh. I did the social media thing back in the day but I don’t rock with any of that shit. People look at me like I’m crazy. People be in the same house inboxing each other and shit

      • Exatlcy wtf type time people be on lol I hate hearing people talk about fb post etc on public I’m like nigga wtf man stfu talk about some relevant shit

  • bawse


  • Kenny Woods

    50 stupid as hell for that he got lil moss wit this one lmao

  • t-stupid

    People still b on Facebook wtf is da world coming to peole spend more time online/ Facebook and Instagram so much dey cant even do normal shit take dat shit away and c how fucked up people life is fuck Facebook dat shit get u caught up wit hoez wit beef and itz just a website where muthafuckers could b sumone else its just all lies and niggaz just b doin da most i meet hoes in person and im on all da new gear so i really dnt need dat shit n really dnt like it but datz just me

    • You never typed like this a few weeks ago what made you change?

      • t-stupid

        Im mean to be honest i cant even post up wit sum of my niggaz or chill wit sum of my lil hoez ya heard me wit out they eyez glued ta dat fuckin phone lol but i dnt knock it tho itz just b crazy wen everybody on dat shit all da time but i cant talk cause i b on dis bish hard