50 Cent Comments On Usher’s Herpes Lawsuit Issues

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  • Astronaut

    Yaw niggas see what makeup do these chicks right? She still ugly but looks slightly better. Do not be decieved. Yaw was right if you said she seeking a check. If you said Usher hit we accept your apology. Bye Quantasia. (Bye Felicia)

    • realtalk

      I can only agree with your comment if u think Rihanna is ugly too lol cause your first two lines describes Rihanna but everyone seems to think she looks good but I’m saying it’s make up , she’s still ugly lol

      • Astronaut

        She aint ugly but she average(pretty). To me A pretty girl is the type you take 2 the movies and hold hands. A beautiful chick you go to the movies with ya arm around her waist, but every pretty girl has that day where she beautiful.

        • realtalk

          Naw lol look at her without make up n you’ll change your mind. Pretty/sexy/attractive etc is looking good without all the expensive make up. Beyonce looks good without all that , Alicia keys does too but Rihanna doesn’t lol.

        • kinglobey

          how u got ur arm around her waist if yall at the movies with the cockblocking arm rest in the middle????

      • MartyMcFly

        Rihanna’s an average looking industry whore. Slept her way right to the top.

        • kinglobey

          but she got some hits too no arguing that…. eveyrthing she touch blows up pretty much

  • MartyMcFly

    Just another lying cunt

  • Kennon B

    It would really hurt losing money for this one…

  • black_mamba_fam

    Typical ratchet nigga bitch…lying + fat + lazy and want something for free.

  • Craig

    this bitch need several seats to sit that fat ass down somewhere.

  • Ghostface-

    do usher like em fat? i dont believe this bitch

  • Manny Bravo

    Wow, this girl’s track record speaks for itself. Lying on people ain’t cool, and she has repeatedly done it. There needs to be some sort of consequences for this heifer.

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  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    All the fine bitches at an usher concert and he chose her?she noy even a pretty fat girl smh