50 Cent Comments On Conor McGregor Getting Knocked Out In Sparring

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  • He wasn’t ready lol

  • Rich blackman

    50 cent is the kind of guy that thinks people are laughing with him but they are really laughing at him.

    • Mikejones

      nah I’m laughing with him

      • AZ

        I’m wit you Mike Jones lol

      • NYCityKid


    • lennox buckles

      im laughin with him rich

    • Bill Jansen

      Yea u right all the simple minded easily amused people and want to be thugs think 50 is funny it’s just sad

  • Lord_Farquad

    I’m kinda startin’ to feel like this Mayweather vs. McGregor shit is like the actual version of what that Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy fight was supposed to be…

    • God’s Accomplice

      Sorry to say but you’re right. It was written tho.

    • CDot


  • Ghostface-

    yuh im laughing wit 50. i still want mcgregor to win, but fif funny as hell idgaf

    he got that older brother, bully humor

    its too good

    • Bill Jansen

      Nah u just simple and amused easily 50 kinda corney half the time an looks stupid on i.g everyday

  • fonzo517

    50 just bringing more people in to follow the narrative and pay to watch the fight.

  • CDot

    I really wanna watch this fight but in the words of Martin Payne….”I ain’t payin the five!”

  • Daniel King

    To me this is going to be one of the worst boxing fights in history I won’t be staying up to watch it I can see this fight been a big let down boxing will never be like it once was but McGregor getting knocked out in sparing until video evidence comes out I ain’t beleving it

  • Bill Jansen

    But thats not considered racist callin an irshmen a little leprechaun that sounds racist