50 Cent Clowns Joe Budden Over Confrontation With Migos

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  • Manny Bravo

    The Migos got into it with Chris Brown after the awards. It seems like they’re about it to me.

    • Melo

      They’re about to rip their jeans. That’s about it.

    • Jonpaul Pezzo

      chris brown fights women so this would make sense, but they aint about shit lol

  • Braze

    No 50, they are not even close to the Unit.

    • Craig

      but technically as a group migos have had more commercial success already. As sad as that sounds its very true.

      • Braze

        That’s 100% false. Beg For Mercy was multi-plat & it had multiple plat singles.

        • Craig

          Yes their first album was very successful. They never topped it. Migos is already on their second album and they didn’t just make a hit. They got the number one song in the country. Their 3rd album is already a green light. In an era where people don’t buy cd’s. How is that false did you even do the research.

          • Braze

            It’s not comparable. G Unit launched careers. Buck, Banks & Game all went multi-plat as solo artists. Yayo went Gold. Migos has one hit & one plat plaq on that album. it pales in comparison. You mention people don’t buy cd’s but thats a lame argument because streams count towards sales.

          • Craig

            First off the game career was not started because of g unit… game never fully got down with them that’s what started the beef. Do you know what i mean by commercial success…The point is they never had success after their first album. They had no longevity as a group or solo artist. Migos had a couple singles on the billboard on their first album now the second album is doing way better and in not a real fan that’s just facts. G unit flopped second album and only Lloyd banks went platinum as a solo artist. I don’t think yayo sold more than 250K copies and buck was crying on the phone. And im not talking paid streaming when I talk about not buying cd’s come on man… you can find any album you want for free if you know what apps to get.

  • DaveyStoned

    damn 50 you still mad joey roasted you and the rest of the unit? that was like 10 years ago get over it. and if joey did get in a fight with migos he would have been arrested for gay bashing or beating up on women or assault on a transsexual rap group. r.i.p. hip-hop. we miss you

    • wilMaster04

      i think he was saying that because g unit pass issues at the BET awards..

      • SlimJuve25

        i get what your saying but the only thing migos have done is jump sean kingston an didn’t leave a mark on him, the rest is smoke and mirrors not even close to the unit

        • wilMaster04


    • Yo

      its a joke lol, joe is in the comments laughing like everyone else apart from you

  • NYCityKid

    Fif given niggas the G cosign now? Real recognize real so if Fif sayin he think they bout it, then so be it.

    • HotlineQueef

      fuck you go listen to another tony yayo mixtape from 2009 you faggot

      • NYCityKid

        Lol. Go suck a cocksicle it’s hot outside.

    • Omar Alessandro Henriquez

      nah man he dissing them

  • just another white nigga

    maybe 3 tony yayos…
    but they definitely no 50 or banks
    or BUCK! try dissin buck like that n see what happens.

    • Maaaman

      jajaja dont be like that bruh.

    • Omar Alessandro Henriquez

      3 Yayos still harder

  • migos looked like the powerpuff girls

  • Omar Alessandro Henriquez

    Migos will never reach G unit. They little girls compared to them

  • MacDre

    Them niggas is straight coons.
    I know plenty of southern artist that got the thickest southern accent but don’t come off like morons in interviews. These niggas worship gucci so much, they need to look at some of his interviews because ALL they interviews all they talk about is dumb shit like jewelry and money. They dodge the one remotely interesting thing about them like one of them being a HS football star, to talk about fake shit like trappin and bandos.

  • MacDre

    I might be a hater but their music is trash. Only one decent is Offset or Quavo i dont remember and thats because he lowkey killed that Sacrifices off Big Sean album.

    Still funniest things I ever saw this year is this nigga rolling down his sleeves for the fisticuffs lmao.

  • DonCDaCapo

    Y’all gotta think that shit a joke 50 nd Joe chill 2gether joe on shady records that’s like my homie bout to get in a fight nd u hype him by jokin round bout the situation or jus joking around in general lol

  • Craig

    Only thing that matter is Joe had a job to do. His job is to conduct interviews. He got mad that he had to interview migos and then got upset when akademiks said they were one of his favorite groups. He walked off while on the job…… he should be fired. Get out of your feelings and do yo job. Dont be made cuz you not really a rapper anymore.

  • Julius Johnson

    Fuck the music these lil young naggas ain’t got no cred in the streets studio wankstas. Joe will beat they young asses.