2Pac’s Crew Pulled Guns On HS Football Team Right Before He Was Killed

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  • TwoToolyWoop

    So u wait 19-20 yrs for the era where muhfuckas believe anything to speak on sum shit that prolly neva happened and who fuck is Larry Croom…..lol

    • DjKhaledStomachh100

      It’s probably true dumbass!

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I have to keep tellin myself they are about to release this 2Pac film but they are doing too much with these stories… Fuckin clowns

    • DjKhaledStomachh100

      Yall love that dead nigga too much

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        2Pac’s a legend don’t get me wrong but I’m not obsessed with him like most are. I just wish ppl would let the man rest in peace.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Man they REALLY trying to build the hype up for this movie………..lol I swear it better be dope..

  • Stephen A Smith

    Of course he was paranoid, his last album on Death Row was finished and once it dropped he was bouncing to start his own label and production company and knew the powers that be had already gotten to – if not completely funded from the start – Suge knight and Death Row. Never forget: Freeway Ricky Ross’s (the CIA backed drug kingpin) lawyer was the owner of Death Row and the CIA and LAPD were all on the payroll. ‘Pac knew the deal.

    • d1gord


      • Stephen A Smith

        Facts are facts. Do what you want with them.

  • Imwhite

    ‘We were just kids, so it was definitely an overreaction.’ I’ve seen Friday Night Lights, fuck outta here with that just kids shit.

  • Et

    He just got done stomping a gang member and he’s already been shit on one occasion. No shit he was uneasy. “it left a bad taste in some of their mouths” huh? I’m sure I can take a guess at what that bad taste was, probably from the circle jerk on the boss before they got there. I don’t understand why I keep seeing irrelevant news articles about the guy. Haven’t heard shit about him in over 15 years and now all of a sudden Google has something new to say every other day. My guess is their bringing him back into the headlines before the All Eyez On Me movie is released to sell more tickets. Sorry news media I see through your shit. Besides I’ve been planning on seeing it since I first heard about it last summer. Let the guy rest in peace. Regardless of what some washed up rappers who sucked ass to begin with say about him, in my eyes Tupac was the only rapper I who I can definitively say lived what he sung about. He was a nut job but that’s why I loved the guy. His music is better than anyone else in the hip hop rap genre back in the day and it’s fucking worlds better than the garbage out there today. I love a ton of 80s and 90s hip hop and rap, but these kids out there nowadays just can’t get enough of this pop rap shit. I asked a high school kid a few years ago who like T Pain, Young Jeezy and the other shit “rappers” out there if he liked Tupac. His reply, “no, his music is too poetic.” my jaw still hurts from hitting the floor so hard. I said to him, “you don’t like his music because he sings about real shit?” “No,” he said. “so you just like rap music that’s just about a bunch of dumb shit?” “Yes,” he said. I had to at least give him props for being honest and admitting that the new stuff has no substance. I was actually impressed that him and his buddy didn’t try to give me some bullshit about how great new rap is. I miss the 90s. I think kids nowadays are just zombied out by their prescription meds, cell phones, social media, reality shows and pop music. They don’t seem to be angry about anything anymore. You’ll never change the world if you lie down and accept the one your in. And I collectively say pop music because ALL music these days is pop music, “alternative”, “rap”, “country”, “rock” and whatever else is out there. It is ALL assembly line music made on a factory where they just keep popping out stereotypical “musicians” for all genres. If it’s rap, they have to be extremely ghetto, if it’s country, they have to be extremely hillbillyish as fuck, if it’s alternative, they have to be a drink or two away from taking a dick in the ass, and so on and so forth. I hate to say it, but these so called musicians need to start doing dope again. Some of the world’s greatest music came from dope. Grateful Dead, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Ray Charles, Nirvana, Sublime, Doors, hell, pretty much any jazz artist, or alternative artist from the 90s, and a shit load more. The 80s took a weird turn because they laid down their needles and picked up their rolled up dollar bills and did blow instead. 90s hit, dope became the prominent drug for musicians again, and the music was amazing. 2000s hit and who knows what they’re on now, (Adderall maybe?) and the music blows, for the most part at least. 5 names that can change your life (other than Tupac) 1. B.B.King – 2. James Brown – 3. Fela Kuti – 4. Curtis Mayfield – 5. Jimmy McGriff. If you don’t know who these people are, you have a shit ton to learn about music. There are many more, but I’m willing to be most only know BB IF they even know him, maybe James. James Brown is still in all your rap music. His beats are everywhere. Most sampled artist in the history of music. Tens of thousands of songs sample his music. I still hear funky drummer in everything from new rap to new country music. Learn the history of the shit you listen to, learn its roots and where it comes from. You can’t truly appreciate something you know nothing about. Besides, once you learn about the old shit, you probably won’t like the new shit any more. If you made it to the end of my rant without giving up or cussing me out, congratulations! There just might be hope for you yet! Don’t forget those names.

  • Jonnae

    So, when are people going to let him rest peacefully?