Here Are The 17 Most Popular Rappers In The World Right Now

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    this shit aint real…any list were khaled is at the top is a joke

  • SlimJuve25

    lmao didn’t Kendrick Lamar album sell the most by alot an he’s is 5th, also with drake doing numbers he’s 4th, youtube shouldn’t count cause you can bot that maybe even spotify the same, “we have a real time idea of exactly what is hot” no you still have no clue

  • kushxchevys

    Stupis ass list lol

  • White Guilt

    Adele is number 1 in any Genre your list is fake news.

  • G.O.A.T

    Dj khaled isnt even a rapper! Foh hhe

  • Jan Van Schuppen

    read the article again guys.. it is about streaming numbers, today..
    And everybody knows DJ Khaled & Drake are not real rappers

  • youknow


  • jurassicjrod

    i can’t tell whether they post this to get attention, to inform us of something none of us recognize or care about…..or just because they have the most god awful trashy ears for listening to music

  • Jared Morales

    No DJ Fat Khalawwfuckit.. Hes not even an artist. That fuck boi presses play and idiot teens go crazy. It does say alot abot the next generation . Iam an 80’s baby and fuck if I ever give fat boi credit. I hope Hurricane Irma sweeps his no talent annoying ass down the current

  • Matt Leon

    The fact that no Tech N9ne, or anybody from Strange Music, is on this list reinforces the fact that them niggas is too slept on bruh.

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Dj Khalad is P diddy all over again trust me his next album he will attempt singing or rapping and just have someone really good on the track with him.

  • realtalk

    French Montana on it cause he makes good turn up music , Nicki is ard and Kendrick Lamar is straight. The rest are completely trash

    • imaginationsequation

      I can tell you from Philly or lived there lol

      • realtalk

        Of course I am from there lol

    • Alex Lowery

      guessing you didn’t see big sean when you looked at the list

      • realtalk

        He’s not good lol

        • Alex Lowery

          the stats in the article say otherwise

          • realtalk

            Those stats are based off of popularity. Let someone do the stats off of lyrical talent and you’ll see a different list

          • Alex Lowery

            you’re absolutely right, it’d be an entirely different list with big sean still on there

  • Je’sus

    Where Tf is Jermaine at?